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Just back from folk school…

June 1, 2010

I went to John C. Campbell folk school this past weekend and assisted my lovely friend, Colleen of Green Girl Basics, in a soap making class.  It was wonderful!  I had so much fun, met amazing people who all seemed to understand the glory of making things with your hands. I made a quart of soap, saw blacksmiths hammering out amazing metalwork, learned what enameling was, and ate the most wonderful home cooked food all weekend.  Can’t wait to go back.   Each and every one of you should go there and take a class.  Like tomorrow.

Check out their website

Some pics:

Our class. They were wonderful!

Melting the oils.

Colleen, giving a lecture.

Me, looking like a mad scientist.

Unwrapping their soaps.  Man, it smelled sooooo good in there.

Some handmade brooms, that students in the broom making class made.

Some woodturned pieces.

I will post more pictures on my flickr page, the link is the “in case you’re bored” section, my computer is being silly right now and not liking wordpress.

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