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Note to self: Don’t go camping on Fourth of July weekend…

July 4, 2010
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WORST camping experience EVER!

We went to Hot Springs campground for one night of camping and didn’t even stay the whole night.  When we first got there and went to our campsite, it was right in the heat of the sun and directly on the road.  Ugh.  The road, by the way was just dirt and had no gravel on it, so when cars went by there was a Dukes of Hazzard-sized dust cloud.  And there were A LOT of cars coming in and out.

Next we decided to take a dip in the lovely and grand French Broad river, realizing when we got out that there were tiny leeches all over us.  Again, Ugh.  So, we trek to the public showers to get them off of us.  Now, I am not normally the squirmy type, but there were sooooo many spiders in this shower stall, it was like a horror movie.  The unisex bathrooms that were attached to the showers were not much better, and I had the unpleasant extra experience of smelling 100 people’s urine.  It was disgusting.

So, we go and buy $10 worth of firewood because the wood we brought was still green and wouldn’t burn.  We make dinner and sit by the fire while tons of huge fireworks went off in the town of Hot Springs.  Then, of course, all of the rednecks got to setting off their Black Cats and Roman Candles across the river, hootin’ and hollerin’ after each triumphant blast.   Charlie goes to blow up the air mattress that we are going to sleep on in the back of the van.  He comes back and tells me to come look at it.  First of all, it was one of those air beds, not just a mattress.  It was like 2 and a half feet high.  Secondly, one side of it had somehow come loose on the inside so it had a huge hump on one side of it.   It wasn’t possible to sleep on.  We tried to deflate it and sleep on the floor of the van, but that was EXTREMELY uncomfortable.

So, we decided to call it a loss and drive 30 minutes back home and sleep in our bed in the peace and quiet.

I will NEVER go camping on a “Yay, America” holiday ever again.

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  1. Megatron permalink
    July 5, 2010 2:23 pm

    Oh my. I was wondering whether it might be completely insane…

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