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Back in School…I’m already exhausted.

September 12, 2011

That’s right, four people who read my blog, I’m back at Western Carolina University for my senior, and hopefully final year!  It was a long summer full of work and not much else.  I did go on a few fun excursions though.  Charlie, the kids and I went to Carowinds in July, and have been camping a couple of times.  And this weekend I am off to Atlanta to see some old friends and my dad before the school year gets out of control.

Why would it get out of control, you ask?  Well, mostly due to my class load.  I am taking NC History, Southern Appalachian Culture (Anthropology), Philosophy of Art, Stress Management and Wellness, Cherokee, and an independent study in knife making with my uncle.  It’s quite a load!  But it is proving to be super interesting.  My professors are great and it will certainly be an informative semester.

I finished my first knife yesterday and I am very proud of it.  I hammered it and shaped it and my uncle did the handle.  I observed.  Here are a few pictures of the process.


Just shaped the tang and drilled holes for handle.

After final quench, getting ready to do some fine sanding.

Handle on with epoxy, letting it cure.

Handle on with pins, just trimmed, getting ready for final sanding.

Done and Done! Yeah, I know I probably shouldn't have a knife out in a car, but...


So, there it is!  I will be starting another one tomorrow, hopefully, and I will keep the pictures coming!



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